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Our Team

Rob’s passion for passing on information and inspiration are borne out of the results that he himself has experienced throughout the last 14 years of (weight) lifting and learning. For Rob a degree in Sports Science was immediately followed by […]

Imo will be working hard (and smart!) to ensure our Members are happy- if you’ve got a Progress ‘stone in your shoe’ please take a moment to give Imo the low down and the chance to make it right for […]

Ryan has been a Member since November 2017 and in that time has shown himself to be a considerate and polite young man. I’m excited to see how much Ryan can do for Progress, but also how much Progress can […]

Daisy’s started off at Progress as a Member, back in 2017. Since then you might have seen her keeping Progress Performance sparkly, taking part in classes or lifting on the gym floor. You’ll also be bumping in to her on the front desk- she’s a ‘busy bee’ indeed!

Lisa has jumped in with both feet! Not only is Lisa making strong progress through her fitness qualifications, she’s also heading up meeting and greeting our new Members.

Fran has already created a niche here, helping to keep Progress fresh and hygienic for our Members. Starting out as a Member, many moons ago, Fran is now a regular here, both in uniform and training and we like this

Brad initially came to Progress Gym as a member and very quickly showed an above average interest in learning more about the optimal way to train and soon after began working here part-time. Brad showed a superb attitude and displayed […]

Liam began his journey with Progress as a Member. After leaving college in 2014, he began an apprenticeship here and has been a valued Team member ever since. Personal training since 2016, Liam has undertaken numerous additional qualifications and completed […]

We are fortunate to have Amanda on our already strong Team of Personal Trainers. Amanda joined Progress as a Member, in 2012. Within the first two years she lost 5 and a half stone, completely reshaping her own body and […]

Kelly was first a member of Progress, now she’s a well-recognised and established part of the Team. Originally from South Africa, Kelly has now settled in the UK and we’re super-pleased that she’s chosen Progress to showcase her energy and […]

Sam joined Progress in mid-2018. Already a fully qualified Personal Trainer, Sam brought with him a specialisation in Powerlifting and his ‘Dual Strength’ brand. Over the years, Sam has acknowledged, he’s been privileged to work with many athletes, across a […]

Aaron came on board Progress first as a Member, back in June 2019, after competing in the Junior Physique division at the BodyPower UKUP show. He’s been lifting since 2015. Aaron’s thoughtfulness and application to his training was clear to see!