Lift. Jump. Throw. Run.

Progress Performance brings you the space to move – in every direction! Run, jump, lift and throw. Progress Performance is a million different workouts all under one roof and has been designed to offer you variety with exceptional quality. Train in a gym or in a performance centre – in the same workout. The facilities are just a few metres apart so you have access to the best of both worlds!

Who is Progress Performance for?

Everyone! Want to Olympic Lift? Go ahead and use our three dedicated inserts and range of Bumper Plates. Want to sprint? We’ve got a cushioned sprint track just for you! Want to boost Football performance or Rugby power? We have the kit you need. Want to prepare for military admission tests or outdoor races? We’ve got ropes, sleds, prowlers and plenty of room for bleep tests. Want to exercise but just don’t like gyms? Welcome to Progress Performance – This is definitely not a gym! To help you reach your goals we have a huge range of high end equipment from the likes of Eleiko, Rogue, Grappler, Star Trac, Jordan, Wolverson and much more.


Progress Performance hosts a range of classes covering all aspects of fitness. Want cycling specific calorie burning? Get along to SPIN45, eight times per week! Whether you want Output, Forge, Hiitbox or Pilates and Yoga with ‘Output, Forge, Bounce, Hiitbox or Pilates and Yoga, or just to learn a new skill in a fun and friendly environment – we have a huge variety of classes to keep you moving and progressing! This is just a selection of what there is waiting for you at Progress Performance.

Progress Performance adds a new dynamic to training, I call it ‘the playground’ because it doesn’t feel like I’m under a strict regime or surrounded my intimidating huge weight machines. Try it, you won’t regret it!

Sharna Keay

I would recommend Progress & Progress Performance to everyone who wants to add some fun to their training and a friendly gym vibe!

Kirsty Edwards

With help and pointers from the staff at Progress by the time I got to my snowboarding holiday I felt that I could go for longer and do more with the leg strength I had built up and I was not getting fatigued as easily as others in my group.

Andrew F