Sam Coombes

Sam Coombes

Sam joined Progress in mid-2018. Already a fully qualified Personal Trainer, Sam brought with him a specialisation in Powerlifting and his ‘Dual Strength’ brand.
Over the years, Sam has acknowledged, he’s been privileged to work with many athletes, across a large range of sports, as their Strength Coach. Sam’s guidance and support has assisted them to achievements across Regional, British and International levels.
Having worked alongside some of the highest calibre of Powerlifting athletes, he understands thoroughly the importance of a Personal Trainer/Coach and how it can benefit the training experience, both short and long term.
Alongside gaining some of the highest calibre practice over the years, the advice Sam has gained from International Coaches and elite Personal Trainers as an athlete himself, has set the standard and enhanced his own methods of personal training.

“Before working with Sam I had been powerlifting for 5 years with a range of coaches. During this period I had no real goals or any direction, training was very stale, and I had plateaued on a lot lifts and my numbers. When I started working with Sam he completely flipped my mindset around on what I was capable of achieving in powerlifting. He developed a great understanding on how I ticked, what worked best for not only my training, but diet and life stress too” Nicolas P

“Sam introduced me to Powerlifting a few years ago and we’ve been working together ever seen. His knowledge has impressed me from the start and the way he coaches fuels my fire to constantly become a better lifter. We always had a strength goal in mind and made impressive results within my years of competing. When I changed my goal entirely and wanted to focus on nutrition and weight loss he was just as involved and encouraging. He taught me how to eat towards my goal and made me accountable for the decisions I was making. The help he has given me and the ‘above and beyond’ effort he’s put in over the years, I will be always grateful for. I couldn’t think of something a I better spend my money on each month.. than coaching with Sam” Imogen Fenner

Sam’s training systems have been tested and implemented successfully within a wide range of ages and experience levels. He strongly believes in working together with clients through assessments, programme design and application to safely and efficiently accelerate their results – resulting in a more confident lifter.
Whilst taking goals and unique circumstances in to consideration, Sam’s goal is to forge a trusting and fulfilling coaching relationship with each client. Clients receive a bespoke package to effectively deliver their goals, coupled with regular reassessments- you can be sure to make the most of your time and energy!
If you have goals of increasing your strength with a barbell- get in touch with Sam today.

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Tel: 07774 318681
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