Brad Down

Brad Down

Brad initially came to Progress Gym as a member and very quickly showed an above average interest in learning more about the optimal way to train and soon after began working here part-time.

Brad showed a superb attitude and displayed advanced levels of initiative, which meant that it wasn’t a difficult choice for me when I was looking to take on an apprentice. He is a valuable asset to Progress Gym and an example to all prospective employees.

His training is no-nonsense, measured, precise and intense, and he uses the time in the gym to the best of his ability.

Alongside his Personal Trainer qualifications, Brad also has qualifications in

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Kettlebells
  • Rehab-U – Movement Optimisation
  • As well as attending numerous learning days and courses.

“Brad is without doubt the most capable PT I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. His attention to detail and his commitment to carefully teach the correct and safe from in each exercise ensures that his clients are set up for a lifetime of health, strength and fitness” – Tom Falcon

“A friendly, Inspirational PT who gets results for his clients” – Arran Westaway

“I have hit strength goals, improved my physique, gained confidence and no longer experience the pain that I did before. Brad’s help and support have been invaluable and I’ve not once regretted my decision to get programming and coaching.” – Cara O’keefe

“I have no hesitation in recommending Brad as a personal trainer due to his overall knowledge, his ability to understand my training and rehab needs and his patience and overall attitude to our training.” – Trevor Walton

“I don’t think I presented Brad with the easiest of ‘projects’ when we began but through his knowledge and sane approach to training, I feel like I have climbed out of a hole that originally felt insurmountable.” – Dan Baker

“Brad is by far the best personal trainer I have worked with. I always feel mentally and physically on top form after each session. Brad is always educating himself. With extensive knowledge and passion for his profession you can’t go wrong.” – Lisa Smith

Brad’s Personal Training business has flourished due to the care and attention he puts into his sessions and training plans. This is made possible by the constant updating of skills and knowledge through courses, reading, qualifications and time spent with those longer serving in the industry.



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