I must admit when I first heard about progress performance I didn’t think I would ever use it, I thought if it’s not stacked floor to ceiling with weights then I’m not interested. I went for my induction and was massively impressed, I have not stopped using the place since and am in there nearly every other day. It perfectly compliments any training you do in the progress gym and allows you to be a bit more creative with your workouts. Rob and his team are constantly improving and adding new things to try out and no workout ever has to be the same. And after years of saying I would never do a class I now do the 3zero at least twice a week, the classes are awesome and there is such a wide range. Progress performance is a gem and I urge anyone who is unsure to have a look around as they won’t be disappointed! Many thanks to Rob and the team.
Matt Wills

After over 50 years of training all over the world (countries too numerous to mention) it was a great and very pleasant surprise to find such a well equipped and professionally run facility that isn’t big city centric here in Yeovil.

The staff are all very approachable and helpful with words of advice and encouragement I would also add it’s not just a muscle head gym with a load of shouting screaming grunting, there are plenty of things to use and enjoy with a seemingly never-ending supply of new kit. To conclude I’m in my late 60s and have always been made to feel welcome at progress gym, if anyone out there is worried about feeling embarrassed or intimidated just have a look in, meet some of the personal trainers ( girls or guys) and do yourself a favour and maybe start the beneficial journey of health and confidence. You owe it to You I couldn’t recommend it enough.

John Longman

It was a while back I joined Progress Gym and from day one it was clear to see that this was the gym for me, I followed it through from the old premises to new and never in my life did I feel more at home, in fact, it was like a second home. The staff were absolutely brilliant throughout my whole experience most notably Rob & Brad who helped me be the person I am today and were there to help whenever called upon. One of the most meaningful things for me was how your membership is really valued and you’re not just ‘another person’ that walks through the door! I have never experienced a gym like it – The service, equipment and facility is second to none I would without a doubt recommend Progress Gym to anyone who is looking to change their lifestyle and to be an all-around fitter / determined person, and overall I feel like an all-around better individual for training there day in day out.

Tom Axe

I Joined progress gym around four months ago and quite simply I have never looked back. I could not attend another gym now, Progress has it all and more, believe the tagline “more than just a gym”. From the helpful but friendly staff to the fantastic facilities including a fully stocked gym shop, this gym has every bit of kit needed for self-improvement, not an inch of floor space is wasted. The whole Gym has such a fantastic atmosphere and I have really seen results in myself after such a brief time.

My thanks to everyone at Progress.


Being a gym addict when it came to planning a trip to visit the in laws I searched for a gym in the area. Straight away I came across progress gym and after checking out their website and seeing some photos I knew this was a gym for serious gym goers. So in advance of my trip I emailed them to see if they could accommodate a couple of days use whilst I was on my visit. Which they did with no hassle.
The only gripe I have is that this gym is 3.5 hours from where I live! It has everything you could ever want in a gym. And the shop is amazing with a vast amount of products. Will definitely be back on my next trip to the in laws! 5*.


I joined progress gym 8 months ago with the aim to improve my leg and core muscles for snowboarding and general overall fitness. With help and pointers from the staff at Progress by the time I got to my snowboarding holiday I felt that I could go for longer and do more with the leg strength I had built up and I was not getting fatigued as easily as others in my group. Outside of my workouts, I have found that the staff at progress are incredibly helpful and friendly.

Andrew F

I was introduced to Progress by a friend after hearing of my frustrations with training. I wanted to be shown proper lifting technique as a complete beginner but my local gym staff told me my goals were too big and suggested I use the elliptical to hit calorie targets instead… I wasn’t impressed so agreed to try Progress. When I first came to Progress I was so nervous as I had heard that it was a real ‘meathead’ gym. After a few visits, I soon realised that this couldn’t be further from the truth and Rob works hard to make sure everyone is at ease and the gym keeps improving year on year. I have always been given great advice from Progress, all the staff are quality and they have a huge range of kit. Robs passion for his business shows through the upgrades and new kit that seems to be coming thick and fast. My own ‘progress’ has come leaps and bounds since I found these guys to help support my goals and nobody is made to feel unimportant. I like the fact that Progress has a shop, regular team building trips and a community which is nice to have around you when on a fitness journey. I’ve met a lot of friends through Progress that have quickly become a big part of my life. I only visit Progress sporadically but can’t thank them enough or speak highly enough of them until I next visit.
Thanks guys!!

Rachel Morris

I joined progress 10 months ago with the aim to get stronger and leaner. Even after the first PT session with Abbie I knew I had made the right choice of gym and it’s been a massive leaning curve ever since. There are always members of staff on hand to offer helpful advice or show you what to do. And I’ve gone above and beyond my initial aim and have set new ones along the way as well. On top of all of that, you are always made to feel welcome on a first name basis with every member of staff. Any question you have whether nutritional or fitness related is always explained fully. And I have made so many new friends too. Definitely the best gym around.

Nicky L

I started training when I left school at 16. I was overweight, unfit and depressed so things had to change. Started at a little leisure centre gym in Langport to were I lost over 5 stone and gained some confidence in myself. I wanted to take my training up a notch and found the Progress Gym Facebook page. Gave them a message asking if I could come for a taster sesh and Rob replied yes. Went down and was amazed by the kit they had and how friendly everyone was. I immediately signed up and have never left since! My life has changed dramatically since joining progress and my insight on fitness and body welfare has improved. I have been a member of progress for over 4 years. When I started benching I was on 20kg. And struggling. Now I’m on 140kg. Squats started at 30kg now I’m on 220kg. Deadlifts started at 50kg now I’m pulling 262.5kg. Made some amazing friends and well would I recommend progress to anyone? Of course I would! Best decision I have made in my life! It’s changed my life – now pave the way to your future the right way! Give the team a shout!

Tommy Howard

I began training at Progress Gym in September 2014. My original goal was to improve my physique, strength and increase my general level of fitness. Now 8 months on, I am exceeding my goals and fulfilling my dream of competing.

The knowledge and expertise of the Progress Gym employees is obvious, and has been paramount in providing me with such a well-grounded head start to my fitness journey. The gym itself is armed for anything – there is an outstanding range of first-class equipment on the floor, the facilities are very well kept and clean, and the Progress Gym shop has everything you could ask for in the way of health foods, protein, supplements and more.

The one thing I really admire about Progress Gym is that it promotes a “no ego” attitude towards training, so whether you’re a professional bodybuilder, a fitness junkie, or a new starter, you will feel comfortable and very well supported training here. All members respect one another, as everyone is working towards the same goal “a better you”.

On a personal note, I must say that Rob is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He works and trains with such care and compassion and will do everything he can to help you reach your goal.
I feel at home at Progress, and training elsewhere, for me, would never be an option. It is the ultimate training environment, and I am privileged to be a member.

Polly T

Six months ago I made what has turned out to be one of my better decisions over the last few years – I joined Progress gym. Being a mere 57 years young I’d convinced myself that I could only ever “go through the motions” with my training and that nothing would really change. How wrong I was; with help and support from everyone at the gym, including clients, random photographers as well as all of the staff (with particular thanks to Harry!) I’m feeling better than I have since I can’t remember, I’m feeling fitter, stronger, more confident.

There’s always a warm welcome, staff are all very knowledgeable and clearly committed to their work – a big thank you to Rob and the team. Long may it continue. Progress – not just a gym, it’s a lifestyle – oh and I’ve lost 4″ from my waist. Thank you!

Trevor W

As a newbie and a beginner in all things fitness I just had to show my appreciation for this wonderful gym. Myself and my husband moved to Yeovil 7 months ago and within the first week we joined Progress gym, this was to be the best decision we could have made. Myself and my husband are always greeted by staff on first name terms which is a nice touch and made us feel like part of the gym family, also the staff are so friendly and give great advice. I joined several groups that Craig (PT) and Harry (PT) have to offer and through this I have made so many new friends, so as well as helping my fitness levels I have also increased my social circle too. Rob (the owner) has been incredibly supportive towards myself and my husband and I am extremely proud to be a member of this awesome gym!

Lorraine Paterson