Ryan Bailey

Ryan Bailey

Ryan is captain of the Progress ship on weekday evenings. If you train weekday evenings you will, no doubt, already be aware of ‘The Ry-Bai Experience’ 😊

Ryan started his Progress journey, like the majority of the Team, as a Member. He then joined the Team in early 2018 and has since completed a number of industry qualifications and attended many on and off-site seminars.

If Ryan is on shift, you can expect a warm and positive greeting, an energetic presence on the gym floor and to be offered a protein shake once you’ve completed your session!

When it comes to his own training you will find Ryan, ‘in the trenches’ alongside our Members, focused and enthusiastically executing his workouts. Clearly Ryan L O V E S training and has an equal amount of passion for passing on ‘the magic’.

If I could bottle what Ryan has, and sell it to other businesses, it would be worth a small fortune.