Zac Francis

Zac Francis

The January Progress Member of the Month is Zac Francis!

Zac embodies what we look for, respect and appreciate in our Members annnnnd Guns on he!

Here’s @evolve.p.t with his own words-
“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Zac for the past year and he progression and development I have seen to his physique, training and nutrition has been phenomenal. Since day one Zac has always been extremely consistent, receptive, and hard working. His positivity and energy is infectious to my other clients and members of the gym.
In the past 4 months we have undertaken a fat loss phase to which he applied himself incredibly well and seen a 7kg drop while improving performance in the gym and getting stronger.
Looking forward to making more progress with Zac in 2022. I really believe he has so much potential in whatever he sets out to do.”

Thanks Aaron and CONGRATS Zac Francisco 😊