Tom Mackenzie

Tom Mackenzie

Consistent, focused, diligent, polite, interactive, selfless-@tommack2[✔️]all the Progress boxes & then some! 👏 ☺️

Lifter, competitor, supporter & recomposition-er too!

Here’s coach@dualstrengthcoaching with his words…

“An interactive, dedicated and motivated strongman who not only pushes himself but others to get the best out of themselves and their training.
Tom has firstly shown a superb effort and application throughout his most recent prep for his first Strongman Competition, picking up some very impressive results too in the process, and a big PB in the process repping his previous 1RM for a impressive 8.
As well as competing and dedicating himself to his own craft, a stand out point for me has to be Toms extra help out of his own training, giving up his time to support and encourage and help other lifters out at our Powerlifting Competitions hosted on site.
Consistent, hard working, and reliable means it’s no surprise Toms picked up member of the month for June.
Thoroughly well deserved Tom.”

Congrats Tom- you are the Progress Member of the Month!👏 👏 👏 🥳