Tamsin Job

Tamsin Job

It is with great pleasure that we announce @modeltamsin as the October Progress Member of the Month!

I believe that Tamsin would agree with me that when she got to Progress she was a little overawed…

…in no time at all she clearly clicked with @dynamichealthandfitness and has not looked back since! (Well, except to see how far she’s come along!)

Tamsin’s improvement in confidence has been a pleasure to witness. She’s now confident in all areas of the gym- among free weights and machines- and the results, both physical and mental, are clear to see

Here’s Tamsin’s Personal Trainer Kelly, with her own words:-
“Tamsin’s work ethic and application to her programming is second to none. She came to me with some specific goals and what she would like to achieve. We sat down and put a plan together and Tamsin ran with it.
She has never missed a beat regardless of what I throw at her and how much I challenge her.
Her inner strength and physical strength have grown beyond belief and really advocates the Dynamic brand.
To be apart of her journey and witness her achieve her goals step by step has been an absolute pleasure.
I’m so excited to see Tamsin’s journey continue”