Paulina Podsiadlowicz

Paulina Podsiadlowicz

We see the work you put in, the concentration you hold and the enjoyment you get out of training here.

We see the focus, the commitment and the RESULTS!

Paulina Podsiadlowicz you are the Progress Member of the Month for July, congrats!

Here’s Paulina’s Personal Trainer @evolve.m.t

“Since day 1 it’s been an absolute pleasure to coach Paulina along her lifting journey. Her energy and smile are infectious and I don’t think I’ve come across someone so resilient and hard-working across the board in all areas of her life. She is always pushing to develop her knowledge and understanding in and out of her sessions.
When we started working together Paulina had her sights set on competing in a bodybuilding show in the bikini category so we sat down and mapped out a realistic timeline to take us there. Ever since that point her training execution, intensity and application have come on mindblowing amounts and I’m really excited to see the next chapter of her journey unfold as we set our sights on a photo shoot and show in 23/24.

Bravo both- the team works!