James Fling

James Fling

Flinger-J! 👏👏👏

A very well-deserved choice for the August Member of the Month @flingjames is a pleasure to host as a Member- consistent and hard-working, James is incredibly polite and popular with the Team🥳

Seeing James’s confidence grow within himself and his lifting has truly been awesome to witness. It really is a pleasure to coach James, he is a regular member of one of my Forge classes and he is missed if he can’t make it. Very well deserved James! Great stuff 💪💪💪🥳”

“James is a total pleasure to coach in classes. He’s dedicated, receptive to feedback and works like a Trojan!
Every time I coach James I’m always blown away by the improvements he’s made, in his strength, his technique and in his confidence! He’s not afraid to work hard and he always does it with a smile🥳🙌🏼”

“James displays phenomenal consistency through regularly attending the Forge classes I coach and always brings intensity and the willingness to learn and level up his training. He’s extremely receptive, polite and a pleasure to coach. The progress he has made over the last few months has been unreal to see.”

Strong stuff James☺️

Thank YOU for choosing us!🤝