Billy Cox & Tay Yeo

Billy Cox & Tay Yeo

This doesn’t happen often but how could we not award a DOUBLE Member of the month for May?💥

Focused and consistent doesn’t begin to describe the last few months for this pair…👌

…& results? Take a ⬅️⬅️& 👀🔥

☯️Billy’s steady, assured pace is the effective complement to Taylor’s drive & determination & between the pair they’ve got the perfect combination
Chaps- quietly & modestly you’ve been ploughing along & we see you 👏👏👏

Here’s @evolve.p.t with a few words!

“The dynamic duo I didn’t know I needed 🥲
Billy and Tay both came to me at the start of the year looking to inject some enjoyment into their training and level up their physiques. 17 weeks later and a combined 29KG of bodyweight dropped. These boys truly set the standard and represent what can be achieved when you’re disciplined, hard working and stick to the plan. Ive not just seen a mind blowing physical transformation but also a mental one too and it’s been an absolute pleasure to see these guys develop during the coaching process so far. The potential is there for both of these boys to achieve big things going forwards and I’m excited to help take them there.

Both utilised my online coaching services to achieve this transformation which includes training and nutritional programming, weekly check ins, training footage reviews but no 1 to 1 time on the gym floor. “

Yes @bzml_fit & @_taylifts you NAILED IT✨