Sam Coombes

Sam Coombes

We are excited to have Personal Trainer Sam Coombes join the Progress Team! Sam is a passionate fitness professional, equally at home talking the talk and naturally walking the walk with his own training. Sam qualified back in 2014 and has since built a substantial base of clients based on his ability to listen to their needs and then work with them to get them to where they want to be.
Sam is clearly passionate about getting the best results for his clients and works tirelessly to ensure they are happy with the service he delivers. Personally, he’s a keen Powerlifter with some more competitions on the horizon! Sam already has ‘in competition’ lifts of Squat- 227.5, Bench- 125, Deadlift- 262.5 at 90.3kg body weight. That’s going some!
When he first introduced himself, Sam told me he was keen to join a Team of fitness professionals, here at Progress, that values continuing education and career development. I look forward to seeing Sam develop and improve here, in line with is clients!
If you see Sam on the gym floor please do take a moment to introduce yourself- and be patient- he’s got a lot of names to learn! Likewise, please do introduce yourself to any of Sam’s current clients and make them feel welcome

Welcome to Progress Sam!

Here’s Sam with some of his own words…

Having experienced working alongside British National Strength and Powerlifitng Coaches and Elite Fitness InstructorsI understand the importance of what a Personal Trainer and Coach is and how it benefits people both short and long term. Gaining both professional knowledge and some of the highest calibre practice over the years, the advice I’ve gained from Coaches and Personal Trainers in different disciplines has set the standard and methods of my style of own personal training.

I work extremely hard for you to come out with the result you want, whether you’re wanting to be educated correctly or working towards being generally happier and more confident in your training and life style.
I believe there’s no such thing as a generic plan, each individual client receives a bespoke 
program to work on to meet their goals. You don’t need to tolerate the stagnation or regression. Reassessing your methods and your level of application often is available all for my clients, what you need to do, what not to do, and how you can work around potential life style factors. 


Dual Strength is all about building a trusting relationship together- let’s get started!

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