Susan Kane

Susan Kane

***The April Progress Member of the Month is Susan Kane. Susan came on board back in March last year, at the recommendation of her daughter- thank you Alicia! Susan has been consistent, diligent and applied herself relentlessly, tackling new exercises and making some impressive improvements in strength and body composition.

Here’s Susan’s PT, Brad Down, with his insight:-

“Susan originally came to Progress, wanting to help with her historical weaknesses and niggles. Week by week she is here, ready and raring to go for her session. Susan works hard, tried everything and most importantly doesn’t complain- whilst giving her all!

Susan is now fitter, stronger and healthier- as can be seen in her measurements, which we take regularly.

I nominated Susan for the Member of the Month award, not only because of what she does in the gym but what she does outside of it. She is proactive in many other areas to benefit her own health and also to positively influence the people around her. She often tells me that her colleagues ask her where she gets so much energy from!

Keep up the good work Susan!”

Bravo Susan! It’s a pleasure having you here. Your prize and certificate await your collection.

P.S. You can find out more about Brads work here-…

Thanks to Optimum Nutrition for their wonderful support of our award!***