Sophie Barnes

Sophie Barnes

It’s been quite a journey so far and it shows no signs of slowing down! This month’s Progress Member of the Month is Sophie Barnes. Sophie joined Progress back in 2017 and has been ploughing forward ever since. Sophie’s application of consistency, effort and determination has been a pleasure to watch and, I know, inspired others to up their game too. Never underestimate the power of being around successful and driven people or the positive impact you can impart on others.

Sophie is as deliberate and dedicated with her nutrition as she is with her training. Her commitment to a varied and tasty nutritional approach- whilst focusing on protein intake- coupled with a structured and diligent attitude to training has reaped some profound results. So far she has lost 3.5 stone, whilst boosting Deadlift from 50kg to 100kg! Fat off, muscle/strength/skill/confidence ON!

Here’s Sophie’s Personal Trainer, Aaron Fitzgerald, with his words:-

“Sophie Barnes – Where to start!? Member of the month is well and truly deserved! How far Sophie has come since we began working together back in July 2017 is nothing short of incredible. Not only have the physical changes been phenomenal, her mindset and confidence has flourished as well. Hitting regular 6am sessions during the initial few months was immediate testament to her dedication and desire to improve. As we saw consistent improvements and changes, Sophie’s confidence and passion for the gym grew further and further. We had gone from her being unable to find consistency and enjoyment within her training to it now being a habitual and highly enjoyable thing. It has been extremely rewarding and enjoyable watching Sophie continually strive to improve and better herself. The exciting thing is that I know we are just getting started! Keep up the amazing work.”

Strong stuff Sophie! I hope you enjoy your prize bundle and keep making progress- thanks for choosing us!