Sharna Keay

Sharna Keay

A HUGE Progress ‘CONGRATULATIONS’ goes out to Sharna Keay on winning the July Progress ‘Member of the Month’ award!

After a somewhat indifferent start to her time here, Sharna has been the definition of consistency, graft and effort. Her determination when lifting is only matched by her application and dedication.

After taking the smart step of enlisting some qualified help Sharna has stuck at her programme and pushed and pushed! The transformation in body shape and strength has been a pleasure to witness.

Here’s Amanda Leonard, of Rapport PT, with some words on Sharna:-

“Last year when Sharna and I started working together I knew this girl had grit and determination to get anywhere she wanted and do anything she wanted. Even with set backs and obstacles they have not stopped Sharna from achieveing her goals and setting new ones whilst also taking part in the strongwomen competition and placing 2nd 😊😊😊.

She has so far lost a massive total of 27kg body fat and I’m so proud of her. Keep going Sharna πŸ’ͺ”

Thank you Amanda and WELL DONE Sharna!

Thanks also to Reflex for this awesome prize bundle πŸ˜€