Nicky Liddle

Nicky Liddle

The member of the month for March is Nicky Liddle. Nicky has been at Progress since December last year and immediately took to the gym. She has been a consistent attendee at our Ladies Only Classes, ran by Brad and Abbie, and always brings energy and a smile. Nicky has changed her body shape considerably in just 4 months of membership and 3 hours a week of training. I’ll hand you over to her PT, Abbie, for further info:-

“Nicky has worked hard in progressing herself since December 2014, continuously pushing through her program, PT sessions and Ladies Classes.

After seeing changes in her body shape and the way her old clothes now fit perfectly I’m very proud of the effort she has put in and now it’s paying off.

Well done Nicky, keep up the hard work and the rewards will keep coming!”

Great work Nicky!