Member of the Year 2019- Trevor Walton

Member of the Year 2019- Trevor Walton

Time flashes by. Days melt into weeks. Weeks congregate forming months. Months conspire to create years and years- well the years roll on by. It seems to me that the passing of the years matters less than what we do with those passing years. So much time can be wasted, frittered away never to return, if only we could recycle time!

Effective and efficient use of time is a central and primary tenet of being successful. Finding a balance of time for work and play is a struggle for many. Fitting in the ‘need to do’, and leaving enough time for the ‘want to do’ can be a challenge.

Few consistently strike the balance, but I know someone that does. They benefit from continued learning, extensive travelling, productive working, enjoying sport and social time, acting, volunteering and, of course, workout time. What allows the right balance to be struck? Here’s a few areas that spring to mind…

First and foremost- a positive attitude. Attitude steers general direction. The wrong direction can mean lost time- there it goes again! – dissipated energy, defeated will and lost belief. When we find the right direction…oh my! The right direction- it brings us closer to everything we want.

The fact that we can each choose our own attitude should be a massive advantage, make sure you make use of it!

Energy- determines the speed at which we accomplish things. Energy comes from belief, successful application and a positive attitude. Overcoming obstacles bolsters belief, thus replenishing energy. Positive attitude and energy are the start of something special.

Modesty and willingness to learn from others- smooths and straightens the road ahead. Someone else might spend the majority of their waking time learning about just the thing you want to achieve- employ them and their knowledge and you save yourself time and a multitude of unnecessary mistakes. Add a positive attitude and energy to a willingness to learn and you have a

An interest in others shows a positive attitude through involvement in community and cohesion and allows for learning to take place by association. Alongside this, there’s an undeniable energy generated when striving to benefit others.

When I think of all these attributes I think of Trevor Walton. His positive attitude, energy, modesty and selflessness are evident for all to see. Layer on consistency, indefatigability, good humour and passion to live life to the fullest and you’ve got a strong, warm and resilient human.

Trevor trains with vigour, drive and intensity. Trevor always shows an interest in others, making time for the

Team and for fellow Members. If you think all this has been easy- check out the scar on his knee!

It gives me great pleasure and sense of pride in acknowledging the Progress Member of the Year for 2018 is Trevor Walton.

Congratulations Trevor and to his PT, Brad Down, for his support along the way