Matt & Pip Saunders

Matt & Pip Saunders

Another month rolls around and this time our winner is a husband and wife Team!

Congrats to Matt and Pip Saunders on winning the October Member(s) of the Month here at Progress. From day one Matt showed an interest and energy in training, returning to gym-ing after quite a spell away. Pip didn’t start off as quick, but an initial apprehension have been replaced with superb application, awesome energy and some blazing results. Both Pip and Matt are healthier, leaner and stronger than ever.

Matt asks many questions and applies most of what he’s told. Pip takes regular PT sessions with Brad, giving her all every time. They both show what is possible with a busy lifestyle, marriage, children and working on and in a business.

Here’s Brad with his own words-

“Pip and Matt –

Consistent, energetic and enthusiastic. Pip sticks to her programme from myself like glue, giving it her all every session. Matt applies his knowledge to create his own training and is always open to new information. They have a true balance in life between family, work, training and enjoyment. I hope you enjoy your box of winnings, it is well deserved. Congratulations to you both.”

Too right Brad! Just goes to show that a busy life can still be a balanced one, with health as the foundation.