Matt Knight

Matt Knight

Consistent, invested, determined. There are many, many of our Members who fit the description. When there are so many it’s not easy to select our Member of the Year.

We stepped up the search to find someone ‘next level’. Someone relentlessly consistent, thoroughly invested, with a determination to succeed that exists in a select few. We set out to identify someone with immense focus on their own ‘game’, but who also spreads wisdom and support to others.

We wanted to single someone out for their ability to succeed and to celebrate the success of those around them.

Did we find such a being?

We did indeed.

We found our human Hulk, larger than life, hiding in plain sight.

Previous winner of Member of the Month and monthly gym competitions, supporter/spotter/shouter at our Strongman and Powerlifting events, full time ‘Morning Crew’ member and now a member of the Great Britain Masters powerlifting team to compete in 2020.

The 2019 Progress Member of the Year is Matt Knight!

Matt, I look up to you. Thank you for choosing Progress.