Lin Hann

Lin Hann

…and here’s a lady who clearly chooses her choices wisely! Lin Hann is the March Progress ‘Member of the Month’ and the very definition of why Progress opened. The results Lin has achieved since working with Liam Annetts Lin has blown my mind. Lin’s application has been immense- clearly training with Liam has brought the very best out of her. I’m beyond impressed with how significantly her movement, coordination and skill have improved.

Here’s Liam with some very proud words:-

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Lin for the past year. Seeing her make so many remarkable improvements on multiple levels gives me great satisfaction as a coach.

Lin approached me with suspected hip bursitis and lower back issues, struggling to complete day to day activities such as getting up the stairs whilst being in persistent pain. To now watch Lin stroll into the gym and crack on with her own workouts and one to one sessions, in minimal pain, is so great to see.

She has also made huge changes to her physique, improvements in diet and a subsequent weight loss of 6.1 kg!

Keep up the great work Lin”

Superb Lin! I trust you’ll enjoy your Reflex/Progress prize bundle