Lee Suter

Lee Suter

September member of the month is Lee Suter, over to Lee-

‘My name is Lee Suter and i have been going Progress gym since it was established.

My goals when i joined the gym was to build myself a better body and improve on my overall health and fitness, which generally i was already quite happy with. It was around the summer of 2011 that i first noticed i was getting a jaw ache when i was doing CV at the start of my gym session and over the coming weeks this quickly progressed to a heavy weight feeling in my chest and a slight throb in my left arm, so, after some research on the internet i come to the conclusion that i was suffering from Angina.

I took myself off to the Dr who listened to what i said and immediately sent me for an ECG, the results from this confirmed i was right. The thing was, I had always been relatively fit and i never ticked the boxes of a typical person who I thought would suffer from Angina (fat, overweight, poor diet and lack of exercise) how wrong i was. Over the next couple of weeks or so i was admitted to hospital where i had blood tests and an echocardiogram to confirm just how poor my heart was performing and that i had four blocked arteries, of which three were almost completely blocked. This resulted in me having 3 stents fitted, the 4th artery wasn’t too bad and they said and it was also very difficult to stent where it was, angioplasty alone was all that happened to this one. It was approximately 14 months later and on the 27th of December i had a Heart attack, the artery had collapsed due to the artery wall being weakened from the angioplasty treatment where the stent hadn’t been fitted, this absolutely devastated me as i thought things had been going well with my recovery.

After a short spell in hospital and a 6 week cardio rehab program that followed i slowly got myself back to the gym. The hospital advised that this was to be a slow program and to take things steady as regards to lifting weight. Its been 21 months now just short of 2 years since i had the heart attack and i’m back to where i was before i had these issues with my heart. My recovery has been very steady and Cardio Vascular exercise is a big part of my training now along with compound movements workouts, these work the heart more than just isolation movements but are still part of my program too. One of the most important changes i made was to my diet, this is critical to leading a healthy life along with exercise.

I would also like to say that having a heart condition hasn’t stopped me from moving forward with my fitness goals and through constant, positive updates, incentives and support provided by Progress Gym ( rob and the team) that has made this all the more easier for me to maintain and i would like to say a big thank you for that.

Thanks guys.’

Wow, Health is truly the first wealth.