Kate Rendall

Kate Rendall

It is with the utmost pleasure and pride that I can announce Kate Rendall as the Progress Member of the Month for October 2019.

Kate’s been on board at Progress since late 2018 and in that time has proven to be focused, determined and dedicated. If there’s an obstacle Kate will, with ‘game face’ ON, find a way over, around, under or through it.

Good day, bad day, it matters not. Kate knows the sound of the plates, the feel of the bar, the smell of the chalk WILL improve mind and muscle- that on the other side of the workout is a strengthened outlook and body.

It’s been our pleasure to host you these past months Kate, to see you take your Olympic Lifting to another level and enter the realms of competition. Thank YOU for choosing Progress- we rather hope you’ll stick around 😉


Thanks to Optimum Nutrition for supporting our award and to Polly for being a pretty epic training partner 😉