Emma Gordon

Emma Gordon

It’s that time again and it’s a massive >>>CONGRATULATIONS<<< to Emma Gordon on earning the June Progress ‘Member of the Month’ award.

The progress that Emma has seen in the last 6 months has been incredible. She has wholeheartedly embraced both Progress Gym and Progress Performance. Using the full array of equipment, Emma has built strength, significantly improved her cardiovascular fitness and brought about some serious positive changes in her body composition.

Early morning sessions, whilst juggling a career, family and more- Emma you’ve impressed us!

Here’s Emma’s Personal Trainer, Liam Annetts, with some of his own words about her success:-

“Myself and Emma have been working closely since January 2017 after being given an LAPT voucher by her daughter – Jas. Safe to say she hasn’t looked back since! Taking her first steps into the world of resistance training Emma has gone from strength to strength, always wanting to push herself to do more, learn new exercises and test new techniques. She’s one of my only clients who’s favourite exercise is the prowler push! Emma has made many achievements over the past 6-7 months, including a bodyweight deadlift, progressing onto unassisted bodyweight push ups, 4.5 inches lost from her waist and huge improvements to nutrition. Well done Emma, keep challenging your limits. LAPT.”

Well done the both of you and thanks to Optimum Nutrition for their support of our award.