Dan Foot

Dan Foot

Member of the month for August 2016 is Dan Foot. Dan, I will be honest, I didn’t think you’d stick at it past a week. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted you to, I want everyone to, I just didn’t think you would. The technique wasn’t there and it just all seemed more of a ‘laugh’ than focused training.

Out of your group that came down to the old place I didn’t initially think you’d be the last man standing. Fair play to you. Your commitment and consistency over the last 5 years have been impressive and so are the results. Impressive technique, logical approach to training, a focus on feel and effect over weight, a willingness to research on your own and ask questions here have all added up to create the impressive physique you have today.

Muscular and lean and able to knock-out ‘Muscle Ups’ at will. You’re not averse to gritting your teeth and putting a shift in on the weights floor. Keep it up!

Dan- congratulations, you are the August 2016 Progress Gym Member of the Month. Your prize bundle awaits.

Thank you to Reflex Nutrition for this months AWESOME prize bundle. Progress is proud to be associated with the UK’s leading Sports nutrition company