Clive Bowditch

Clive Bowditch

Clive Bowditch has been on board for a shade over 12 months and in that time has been relentlessly impressive. Workout after workout is nailed. Consistent, intense and focused. Clive eats up workouts and spits out results.

Clive often cycles in to the gym, has embraced many different elements of training in both Gym and Performance and is modest enough to speak up if he’s wanting to try something new or get a 2nd opinion.

Clive- congratulations- not only on your awesome results over the last 12 months, but also on being the August Member of the Month here at Progress!

When Leanne was taking our picture, Clive jokingly said “I forgot to breathe in!”

I said “Don’t worry, you don’t need to!”

Looking sharp Clive- keep it up!