Claire Price

Claire Price

“Some say, some do”.

It’s written in bold letters on the Progress wall. Claire Price ‘DOES’!

Focused, determined and productive. Claire is strong enough to ask for help and mature enough to accept it. The improvement in Claire’s results, physique and abilities in the last two years have been a pleasure to witness.

No matter the time- 6am, 6pm, 8pm, Claire gets it done.

PT Liam Annetts has spent plenty of time with Claire, so here’s his words:-

“Claire has been a client of mine for just over a year now. During this time she has demonstrated determination, consistency and 100% commitment to her goals. Claire has made progressive changes to her body composition whilst boasting feat’s of strength such as multiple pull ups, and over 100+ kilo deadlift! Claire is always present at the 6am Incinerate classes and doesn’t stop until the job is done! Impressive stuff. Keep up the good work, Claire.”

Hey Claire- nice work!

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