Chris Walker

Chris Walker

Chris is the May 2015 Member of the Month. Chris’s transformation over the last two years has been profound and a pleasure to watch. Chris is consistent, intense and always asking the right questions. Well done Chris! I’ll hand you over to Progress Gym PT Craig who’s had a fair few sessions with Chris over the last year:

“My first encounter with Chris was in July of 2014. He had the spark and the will to learn more and took it upon his self to seek more information. He’s always asking questions and wanting to improve that little bit more whether that’s within the gym or understanding his nutrition.

Chris’s measurements from the start of July 2014 to May 2015 speak volumes and show’s how hard he has worked.

Chris’s chest has decreased 5 inches 44in to 39in yet looking more shizzled.

Chris’s navel measurement has decreased 7 inches from 40in to 33in.

Chris’s upper thigh measurement has decreased 4 inches from 29in to 25in.

Seeing a client progress with such enjoyment makes me proud. Well done Chris keep working hard.”

Well done Chris, Craig and thanks to Reflex Nutrition for their continuing support of this award.