Ben Horne

Ben Horne

Progress Gym is approaching 5 years old and I’m chuffed to bits that it’s retained so many of the original members. WE(members and Progress) work as a partnership to keep Progress moving forward. Your prompt payment of fees, outstanding manners, worthwhile suggestions and application make our side of things much easier to carry out.

5 years is a fair chunk of time and to stick at anything for that long shows dedication and commitment. Ben Horne was a member of the gym before I got to Yeovil and has been a solid and consistent trainee since day one of Progress Gym.

Ben’s progression has seen him go from novice lifter to someone with a physique that would be easy for many to envy. Rather then envy I know that Ben’s metamorphosis stimulates inspiration in his fellow members. Ben’s training is focused, intense and structured. If cardio needs doing, it gets DONE. If food needs adjusting, it gets adjusted. Ben has a ‘can-do’ attitude that means he doesn’t fear difficulty, instead he relishes challenges and attacks them. He’s a pretty good Deadlifter also!

What do you allow to hold you back? What excuses do you use? Ben refuses to allow his epilepsy to define his attitude. Instead his attitude defines his actions, which defines the results you can see in the accompanying pic.

Ben- keep doing what you do mate! Your award is at the gym.

Thanks to Optimum Nutrition for their ongoing support with our award