Lifetime Member Award- Julian Asperilla

Lifetime Member Award- Julian Asperilla

Owning a gym for the last 5 years I’ve encountered people from all over the world. There’s a common theme to my visitors. They want to make a difference, either psychologically or physiologically to themselves. By being here they’ve taken the ultimate step- the step of turning ‘thinking’ to ‘doing’. With this common theme comes reps and sets, steps and strides, grunts and grimaces. In fact, the nature of the beast dictates that there is a hell of a lot of repetition- it’s a never ending cycle of pick-it-up-put-it-down and that’s just fine, because successful repetition is at the heart of what works with exercise.

Among this cycle of cycles within cycles of cycles one person has stood out for the entire time. One person has always had the time to ask me how I am. One person has always had an infectious laugh, an unquenchable energy and a consistency that puts 99.9% of the population in the shade. They are relentless with prompt and full payment and have played a strong role in supporting family members to embrace exercise and a healthier lifestyle.

Don’t misunderstand me- many of you stick out in my mind for going the extra ‘rep’, for a strong set of good manners and respect for my kit. It’s just that this person sits on top of the pile as an example to me of what is possible. This person excites me with the thought that I can and will be able to train for another 40 years yet, because they have.

Julian Asperilla- you of the bodyweight pull ups/Deadlift at 73 years of age- are the winner of the Progress Gym Lifetime member award. SEVENTY-THREE!

Not even time itself can stop you. You make me proud to have you as a member here and I aspire to follow in your footsteps and train for many years to come. You are an inspiration to many.

Thank you to Optimum Nutrition and Reflex Nutrition for their relentless support of our awards.