Imogen Fenner

Imo rejoined the Team in 2019 and Progress Team and Members are fortunate to have such an invested and effective person on board.

Imo carries out a number of significant roles here at Progress, some behind the scenes and some Member-facing. She is responsible for overseeing the machinery that keeps Progress moving forward, delivering epic Spin and Flow classes, supplying the Team with ‘next level’ baking and generally being the font of emotional intelligence.

Imo’s ability to proficiently spin many plates is a testament to her continually evolving intelligence and experience but also to her investment in making Progress ‘More than a gym’. A experienced Powerlifter, Imo clearly believes in the profound impact that exercise can have on physical and mental well-being.

An avid reader, traveller and cat-person, please do introduce yourself to Imo next time you’re here!