Aaron Carpenter

Aaron Carpenter

Aaron came on board Progress first as a Member, back in June 2019, after competing in the Junior Physique division at the BodyPower UKUP show. He’s been lifting since 2015!

Aaron’s thoughtfulness and application to his training was clear to see. What we also noted was his ‘radar’ for other Members- he took time to note, praise and support those around him and we liked that!

We’re very pleased that, having qualified as a Personal Trainer, he took us up on the opportunity to join the Team in early 2020 and Personal Train here at Progress.

Mature beyond his years, Aaron is conscientious and energised to help others. Aaron is hungry to learn and reassuringly modest acknowledging and confronting the areas which need improvement- much like the intelligent approach which proves successful with bodybuilding!

Aaron has continued to further his knowledge with seminars, courses and constant reading and provides an exceptionally positive impact on the gym floor.

I look forward to seeing Aaron help you reach your goals!