Hollie Chaffin

Hollie Chaffin

Chaff! If it’s not your own (clearly productive!) hard work, it’s you supporting and encouraging others or your infectious energy and, er ‘noise’ aka laughter that’s reverberating through Progress.

You have come on leaps and bounds since day 1 and I’m incredibly impressed with your continued application. Taking on the challenge of learning and adapting to weight training is no small feat and you’ve truly ‘gone at it’ 🙂

Here’s your PT, Dan Best, with some of his own words about your achievements:-

“Hollie has been working with myself through the Thursday Ladies Only class for the past year and one to one sessions more recently, her progress thus far has been unmatched. She applies herself fully to whatever task that I set her and completes it with determination and purpose. Logging her workouts and keeping track of her daily macros match perfectly with her flawless work ethic! Well done Hollie keep up the strong work, congratulations!”

Hollie- your rather prize bundle and certificate awaits.

Keep doing what you’re doing!

Thank you to Optimum Nutrition for supporting this awesome award.

More than a gym!